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About us

Manetos is a home automation company that provides a smart service designed to suit water-based heating systems. Manetos Heat Control has built-in intelligence that automatically adjusts and controls the indoor temperature and energy consumption.

The company was founded by the passionate entrepreneurs Trued Holmquist and Charlotta Holmquist, after they experienced how difficult it was to control their heating system at home. It was a natural step to develop Manetos Heat Control, a product that upgrades the boiler and makes it smart for easier control through the app.

When family life is the most intense, it is not easy to make time for a heating system in the basement. As part of the daily routine, people switch off lights and turn off the TV when they leave their homes, but with heating it’s a different story. For Manetos, it has therefore been important to come up with a solution that saves energy and optimizes heat completely automatically from both living patterns as how the house envionment works from a heating point of view. Another important insight that has guided us through this process is knowing that the sense of comfort is always an individual experience. Taking this into account we therefore developed Manetos product to fit everyones needs. With Manetos Heat Control its always going to be the way you want it. With the ability to save enery, this service is beneficial both for environmental reasons as well as for your wallet.