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Manetos learns how your house works

Manetos Heat Control consists of a main unit and sensors regulated through the associated app. The system is connected to your existing heating system and automatically adjust the heating of your villa according to your settings.

Perfect Comfort

In Manetos app you can easily set the temperature you want in the villa. Manetos Heat Control automatically adjust the heating of your villa so that the heat curve matches your settings. It provides both better comfort and reduced energy consumption.


With our 24/7 Support, you can feel safe and always get help when needed.

The service includes a SIM card for mobile connection, called M2M solution. The advantage for you as a customer is that we can offer a stable connection, easier installation and higher security than if we connected to the fixed broadband in the house.

Professional installation is always included in the price! Our trained technicians install Manetos Heat Control. When the installation is finalized we will then keep track of and monitor your system so that everything works properly.

Easy to use

With a simple app, you will not have to worry about curves on the heater. All you need to do is enter when you're at home and when you're gone, Manetos Heat Control manages the rest. The product has a mobile connection, that means that you can also remotely control the heating in the cabin if a fixed broadband is missing.

How is Manetos Heat Control connected to my heating system?

Manetos Heat Control controls your central heating system through its outdoor cable. Instead of giving your boiler the true outdoor temperature, Manetos send resistance values that are designed to make your heating system adjust the heating according to the settings you made in the app. Two temperature sensors are placed in your house, one inside and one outside. The sensors collect data on heating and, in turn, allow us to improve the control in your villa continuously.

Is Manetos Heat Control suitable for my villa and my heating system?

Manetos Heat Control is compatible with all waterborne heating systems; Some houses are easy to control and respond quickly to the settings you enter into the app. Other houses last longer. We offer a test period for anyone who purchases Manetos Heat Control to see how well the system works for you and your needs.

Each degree make a big difference

With optimized control, you save on heating when you do not need it. And it's savings you can do without reducing comfort. The automatic and smart features allow you to lower your heating costs by an average of 15%. And with a little planning it can be up to 30%.

Each degree lower average temperature means five percent reduced energy consumption (according to the Energy Agency). For a villa with 20,000 kWh annual energy consumption, the one degree lower temperature means about 1000 kWh, or around 750 kr per year in savings. A family villa, which lowers the average temperature from 23 degrees to 19 degrees, saves more than 3000 kronor per year.

Upgraded system

Manetos helps you in many ways:

  • Automatic updates

  • Saves energy

  • More stable room temperature

  • Remote control

  • Easy to use app

Choose your control mode

The system offers three main modes:

  • Home mode

  • Away mode

  • Weekly Schedule