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Manetos learns how your house works

It goes without saying. A stone house from the 30's, has other characteristics than a house from the 90’s. And what different family members perceive as comfort and "just perfect" temperature differs. Manetos is aware of how your house works and learns how long it will take for your house to warm up a specific day. At the same time, you can always adjust your settings and individual preferences.

Comfort and control through the app

With our app you have full control and can change settings via your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Because we know both outdoor- indoor- and pipe temperatures the room temperature will be more even over time, which increases comfort and reduces energy costs. Via the app, you can add a personal schedule so that the heating is reduced when you are away, when the kids are in school – and if you want - at night. When you are on vacation, you can easily turn down the heat and at the same time ensure that the house is warm and cosy when you get back.

Each degree makes a big difference

Optimized control saves you energy when you do not need it. And those are savings you can make without sacrificing comfort. The automation and smart features allow you to lower your heating costs by an average of 15%. And with a little planning it can be up to 30%.

Each degree lower average temperature means five percent decrease in energy consumption (according to the Energy Agency). For a house with 20,000 kWh annual energy consumption this only degree means about 1000 kWh, or around 750 SEK per year in savings. A one-family villa that lowers the average temperature from 23 degrees to 19 degrees thereby saves more than 3000 SEK per year.

A year with Manetos

With Manetos your heating system can learn how the heating is best adapted to your family and your house. This is what an exciting year with Manetos look like.

One year with Manetos

Upgraded system

Manetos helps you in many ways:

  • Automatic updates

  • Saves energy

  • More stable room temperature

  • Remote control

  • Easy to use app

Choose your control mode

The system offers three main modes:

  • Home mode

  • Away mode

  • Weekly Schedule