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Install Manetos Heat Control Kit and control your temperature easily with your phone.

Manetos can be installed in all houses with waterbased heating. The system works, for example, with heat pumps, oil, gas, pellets and district heating irrespective of type and brand. Are you unsure which heating system you have, please contact us at

Our trained installers take care of the installation and bring all the equipment you need for your home. Everything to make it safe and easy for you!

The main unit is connected between the heating system and the existing outdoor sensors, i.e. no incision is made in the heat source.

Then install two wireless temperature sensors which measure indoor and outdoor temperature.

This we bring to your home

  • Three pipe sensors
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Main Unit
  • Two wireless temperature sensor incl. batteries

What do the different units do?

  • The wireless sensors detects the temperature outside and inside.
  • The pipe sensors keep track of the temperature of the various pipes which are connected to your heat source.
  • We also take a power adapter and a little cabling, in some cases, required antenna and signal amplifiers.
  • The main unit is the heart of the system that communicates with your boiler, temperature sensors and cloud service.

A year with Manetos

Now your heating system can learn how to best adapt the heat for your family and your house. This is a year with Manetos.

Day 1

Ready Set Go. In less than 60 minutes, the installation is complete. The Manetos system immediately begins to know how your heating system and house works to optimize heat, save energy and improve comfort.

Day 14

After two weeks we have learned enough about your house to start controlling. The service automatically adjusts the heat according to your schedule and your house's heating properties. You can change settings easily by pressing a button in the app.

Day 30

The sensors continue to accumulate information on how your house works and improves operational management that saves as much energy as possible. When at home, we make sure that you get optimum comfort temperature.

Day 365

Congratulations, you've probably saved around 15% of your heating costs! Or maybe you belong to those users who have reached a savings of up to 30%?