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About our partnerships

Manetos holds a number of strategical partnerships that help us to create value for our users. Thanks to our partnerships we are able to provide smarter connections, more simplicity and better deals to all of our users.

We are constantly searching for partners within innovation, business and distribution.

Telia - Innovation partner

Together with Telia we have integrated the Manetos app with Telia Zone. This makes it easier for our users to adjust their home temperature and regulate their energy consumption when the household is empty.

Fortum - Distribution partner

We are together with Fortum working towards smarter energy consumption. As a customer of Fortum you also get a discount price on Manetos Heat Control Kit when you order from our website.

TechBuddy - Distribution partner

TechBuddy's showroom guides and inspires you to make better product choices. Get to know Manetos and other smart home-products in TechBuddy's showroom at the Mall of Scandinavia.

Bright - Innovation partner

Manetos and Bright are changing power consumption as we know it. With Bright's smart power bill you can let your heating system run in saving's mode during otherwise expensive hours.

Sollentuna Energi och Miljö - Distribution partner

Manetos and Sollentuna Energi och Miljö (SEOM) join hands to offer climate-friendly heating to all those connected to the SEOM power grid.