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Questions and answers

On this page we have collected the most common questions and answers about Manetos Heat Control. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at

What are the benefits of Manetos Heat Control?


Easy control of temperature though mobile. Enhanced comfort as Manetos Heat Control keeps the indoor temperature more even without variations and a lowered energy consumption by lowering the indoor temperature at night or when you are not home.

In what way do I get better control of the heat in my house with Manetos Heat Control?


You can use Manetos app as remote control for your heating system in your house. Whether in the house or far away, you can always set the preferred temperatures from your phone. Our system then adjusts your settings on the boiler / heater accordingly.

How do I get a more comfortable indoor climate with Manetos Heat Control?


Manetos Heat Control is very good at keeping the temperature even, regardless of season and outdoor temperature. If it gets cooler, the system detects it and can quickly compensate for it so that indoor temperature does not drop. When the sun is out, Manetos Heat Contol detects that the heating system does not need to heat the same amount and will therefore tell the heating system not to heat.

How can I save on energy with Manetos Heat Control?


In the same way as by turning off the lights when not in use! If you choose to set a lowered indoor temperature occasionally, for example at night and when the house is empty, you do not consume as much energy for heating. 

How can I improve energy savings with Manetos Heat Control?


You can save a lot by using the functionality that Manetos app provides. By lowering the temperature when away you easily save on energy. Another effective way to save on energy is by lowering the home temperature with 1 degree. For each lowered degree you save 5% on your energy consumpiton. As Manetos keeps the temperature more even than before you will hardly be able to tell that it's acually one degree lower than usual. 

Does Manetos work for all houses with water based heating?

Yes, Manetos Heat Control is compatible to all water based heating systems; Some houses are easy to control and will react fast to your settings in the app. Other houses take longer time to react on the changes. That means different functionalities aply to different houses. We offer a 3 month trial period for everyone that buys Manetos Heat Control to see how well it works for you.

What equipment is included in the Manetos Heat Control Kit?


The equipment will be brought by an installer

1 st main unit

2 st wireless temperature sensor incl. batteries

3 st pipe sensors

Peripherals (power adapter, cables and ev. Repeater and antenna amplifiers)

What is included in the monthly subscription?


– Connected sim-card.

– 24/7 support - We are available to assist you day and night.

– Software updates - continues updates and maintenance of service.


How is Manetos Heat Control connected to the boiler?


The installer connects the main unit to your heating system by connecting it between your heating system and your existing outdoor sensor. This means that we cut the outdoor sensor cable to directly communicate with your heating system. The installation is done without having to open up the heating system. The method is simple and safe and it is easy to restore if you want to stop using the Manetos system. The next step is to mount temperature sensors. The outdoor temperature sensor measures your outdoor temperature and is therefore mounted in a window on the north side with a sensor cable brought out through the window. The indoor sensor measures your indoor temperature, and is placed in a room you're often staying in. When the installation is completed, the installer checks that the signal strength and communication between all the devices operate correctly. After the installation we help you get started with the Manetos app.


How does Manetos Heat Control control my heating system?


Manetos Heat Control controls your central heating system through its outdoor sensor cable. Instead of giving your heating system the true outdoor temperature, Manetos resistance values ​​are designed to make your system adjust the heat according to the settings you make in the Manetos app.

Is Manetos Heat Control compatible with my heating system?


You need waterbased heating system and your heating system needs to have its own outdoor sensor (if no one can be installed). Before installation, check that the heating system is working properly and that you have electricity supplied to the boiler / changer to power the Maneto main unit.

Can I have multiple heating systems and use Manetos Heat Control?


Where can I download Manetos app and how do I log in?


After Manetos Heat Control Kit has been installed, you will receive a message with instructions how to download the app and log in.


What happens after installation?


When the installation is completed, the learning period where Manetos learns how your unique house and the heating system works is started. After about two weeks, we know enough about your house to begin to take control. In this first control phase, the Manetos system only strive to maintain an even indoor temperature, that's the preferred temperature you inserted in the MyManetos app. After one to two weeks we will release the schedule that lets you control the system with temperature variations during day and night. Only at this stage, the system will adjust the heat to the schedule in MyManetos app. Your heating system is now fully out automated and ensures that you always have your desired comfort temperature when you are at home and save heat when away.

What features are in Manetos app?


In the app, you can see indoor and outdoor temperatures for your house as well as statistics on past temperatures. You can set the temperature you want when you are home during the day and at night (most people lower the temperature when sleeping, for comfort and energy savings. You also set the temperatures you want when the house is empty 'Away Mode'.


I have Telia Zone! What does it mean to me as a user of Manetos?


As users of Telia Zone and Manetos, you get a more proactive control of the heat in your house. When all connected users to Telia Zone have left the house and did not enable Away Mode in the Manetos app, a reminder is sent so you can enable the Away Mode and thus lower the heat when away. Want to know more about Telia Zone, go to


Can I choose different temperatures in different rooms with Manetos Heat Control?


No, you can not set different temperatures in different rooms with the app because the Manetos Heat Control Kit is connected to your central heating system. You can adjust the temperature in different rooms as usual, with room thermostats or radiators.


What happens if Manetos Heat Control stops working?


If the main unit breaks or something else happens so that the system stops functioning or behaving strangely, pull the Y-switch connected to the main unit. Your heating system will directly returns to work as before Manetos Heat Control Kit was installed. If you don't have a Y-switch, contact Manetos support 08 - 21 20 12 for guidence.