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Meet the Manetos team

With creativity and passion for Internet of Things, we are the team behind Manetos – the ideas, products and services. Curious? Don't hesitate to send us an email!

Trued Holmquist - Founder

Trued is a strategist who is driven by his passion for business, tech and finding smart solutions to problems that people experience every day. You either find him in long discussions with the tech team or somewhere to negotiate new

deals for Manetos. Trued has long experience of big scale implementations of new techniques, like the Internetbank where he recently established a domestic infrastructure for electronic ID (BankID).

Charlotta Holmquist - Founder

Charlotta is Manetos "super computer", always one step ahead. She handles everything from business development, finance, marketing, sales, user experience and everything else. She get things done. Quick.

Charlotta's true passion is to start up businesses and she can titel herself serie entrepreneur. With MSc from Stockholm Business School, she started her carreer as chef analytics on Salomon Smith Barney in Chile.

Katrin Heveus - CEO

Katrin is CEO for Manetos with over 10 years of telecom experience and has, among other things, been involved in building Telia's fiber business. Today, Katrin is working to strengthen Maneto's position on the market, and as a first step,

deliver innovative technology to home owners in Sweden and Finland. Katrin has a lot of experience from the start-ups scene and have experience from several start-ups.

Jens Peter Schroer - CTO

Jens monetor Manetos development and make sure that the tech team has every oppertunity to reach sucess. Beyond his passion for backend architecture, innovative infrastructure as well as smarta algorithms, love finding elegant solutions on the most

hard solutions. Jens has 7 years of experience as senior software developer within the financing sector. He has worked for Bloomberg and Infront AS, has a bachelor in computer sciense from HU Berlin and Monash University Australien as well as a MSc in complex adaptive systems from Chalmers, Sweden.

Cecilia Johansson - Head Of Customer Development & Market Insight

Cecilia is responsible for Customer Development & Market Insight on Manetos. She is involved in customer analysis, research, and market research to create, manage and improve Manetos product offerings and to build, manage and maintain a

a successful customer support. Cecilia has a degree from Forsberg's School of Communication in marketing / advertising. She has broad experience in the planning, advertising, marketing - and has had several internships from well-known advertising agencies. She enjoys horseback riding, decorating, cooking, and is a real bookworm at their leisure.

Alina Lundqvist - Growth Manager

Alina is Growth Manager who detects and drives new growth opportunities based on data throughout the customer journey.

She sees marketing and product development as a whole and works as a bridge between the business and engineering to create user-friendly experiences for Manetos products and services.

Erik Klockare - Software Engineer

Erik is a programmer who is always looking for something new to learn. After studying at the Royal Institute of Technology, Erik has worked with the development of server architectures on Manetos.

Erik is interested mainly for object-oriented and functional programming with the aim to create stable and robust server system for Manetos.

Marcus Rautio - Full-stack Developer

Marcus is a full stack developer which mainly works with the applications, the web and all services around them.

He has a background in development from the advertisement side and as a consultant after his studies at Computing Science in Umeå and KTH.

Linus Wallgren - Software Engineer

Linus is an engineer with broad interests ranging from sensor networks to distributed systems. His main responsibility at Manetos is control logic and embedded systems.

He often contributes to open-source projects and believe in free software. Linus has a Master in Science and Engineering in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology. One of his major interests during his free time is martial arts, with more than 20 years of experience.

Emil Larsén - UX-Designer

Emil is UX-Designer who likes creative, smart solutions and interactions, he works with interfaces in the apps and on the web.

Emil has a background in the advertising industry and is educated at Nackakademin & Berghs. In his spare time he likes to cook and eat organic food.

Cheng Huei Kuo - Production & Logistics Specialist

Cheng Huei Kuo, also known as CK, is the production and logistics specialist at Manetos. CK's role is to establish a worldwide network of Manetos.

He has a background in the embedded computing world and has built systems for the Swedish industry for more than 12 years. CK is a happy "dude," who love to laugh and have fun.

Joel Pettersson - Software Engineer

Joel is a software engineer with interests spanning the whole field. He studied at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm as well as QUT in Brisbane.

Other than building reliable and robust systems he likes open source development and particularly software that respects the user's freedom. In his younger years, Joel played soccer, and since then he has played both indoor and beach volleyball as well as taken up Taekwondo.

Jan Johansson - Engineer

Jan is our innovative developers who have the ability to see things differently. He attacks the problem with a very open mind which often leads him into the harbor with new innovations, patents and developments.

In his spare time he likes to engage in music, traveling and eating good food.

Veronica Sikorska - Software Engineer

Veronica is a software engineer with strong interest in theoretical aspects of Computer Science. She studied Computer Science in University of Wroclaw in Poland. In Manetos she works mostly on data solutions including data science and calculations.

She has also a degree in Piano Performance and she practices piano a lot. When she doesn't practice piano you can find her on a climbing wall - she trains a lot of bouldering. As she is a huge fan of outdoor activities, she commutes by bike everywhere.

Amit Jangid - Software Developer

Amit works as a programmer for Manetos. He has 14 years of experience in different domains eg. Gaming, Online Music and Supply Chain etc.

Amit has a passion of playing with data and was part of the team that built one of the largest big data infrastuctures in Europe. In his spare time, he like to play outdoor sports.

Isabella Bellgran - Head of Customer Support

Isabella is responsible for customers and administration. She has since previously had a lot of experience within the field.

In her leisure time, Isabella enjoys dabbling in design and reading about Nordic mythology. She alternates her calmer hobbies with speed through an interest in fast cars.